Best Electric Motorcycles You Even Petrolheads Will Love

  • Published on:  Thursday, May 27, 2021
  • In this video, we'll show you the TOP 5 Best Electric Motorcycles and Motorbikes you must drive! If you love high speeds, motorcycles but also care about the environment and want to drive zero-emission, you absolutely have to buy yourself an electric bike! We compiled a list of the best EV Motorcycles you can buy in 2021, in terms of top speed, range, reliability, insurance cost, and acceleration. Our TOP 5 includes popular motorcycle brands like Harley-Davidson, Damon, Lightning Arc, and TORP. What are you waiting for?! Put on your helmet and let's go!

    Have you ever driven any of these electric motorbikes? If yes, let us know in the comments how was it! We'll make sure to reply to your comment!

    ⏱ Timestamps:
    0:00 Why should you buy an Electric Motorcycle?
    0:14 Harley-Davidson LiveWire
    1:05 Arc Vector
    1:39 Lightning LS-218
    2:23 Damon Hypersport Premier
    3:03 TORP Bike

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